Biodiversity restoration and adaptation to climate change is another important area of focus for IPUR. Our goal is to promote and implement measures that help retain water in the landscape and thus prevent both droughts and flooding and loss of natural conditions for many plant and animal species. We are aware of the fact, that with the loss of biodiversity, we are not only losing the beauty and richness of nature, but also destabilising ecological links and processes.

That is why we participate in selected wetland construction and restoration projects implemented by our partner organization Čmelák – Společnost přátelé přírody (Bumblebee – Society of Friends of Nature).

Wetlands restoration and construction

Wetlands retain large amounts of water and thus significantly increase the ability of the landscape to cope with the effects of climate change, preventing floods and droughts. When compared with artificial water reservoirs, they can hold and gradually release much larger amounts of water. The intense evaporation from the water surface of wetlands and plants humidifies the local climate and thus helps to compensate for temperature differences in the landscape. Wetlands support and stabilise freshwater sources, produce oxygen and fix CO2 into sediments.

Wetlands in Jablonné

At the same time, wetlands are home to rare and endangered species of plants and animals, helping to maintain biodiversity in the landscape.

Take a look at the Wetlands project in Jablonné v Podještědí, on which IPUR cooperates with the “Čmelák” organization: