Supporting education

We make an effort to familiarise our students with manifests of corruption undertakings, enabling them to analyse its causes and presume its consequences. The aim is to allow students to understand the fact that corruption causes problems and at the end affect themselves. By means of educating students and their pedagogues we are influencing broader public and we encourage individuals to take their roles and competencies within our society, to become conscious citizens and responsible constituents.

Education for high schools

We have prepared methodology of structured staging education for high schools. Fundamental principle is social education based on model examples of problematic situations, simulations of particular cases, where we combine role staging with problem solving. By use of these methods students better understand causes of human behaviour and learn empathy. This is achieved by personal acting and experience. The programme allows students to experience possible situations to which they may be exposed in future and to practice appropriate behaviour and solving occurred situation.
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Lectured seminars

We also offer lectured seminars with interactive engagement of pedagogues aimed to increase of mathematical and readers’ literacy of elementary and high school pupils. For these programmes we broadly use digital technologies and we provide methodology materials.