Sustainable production and consumption

Besides anti-corruption activities, since 2019, our organisation has been focusing on wider range of problems that need to be addressed in the context of sustainable development: climate change issues, biodiversity loss or unsustainable production and consumption patterns.

Spreading awareness

Our IPUR “sustainability team” spreads awareness about negative impacts of over-production and over-consumption on the environment. We want to help people navigate through the information available on their journey to better sustainability.

What do we do for it? We share with public current knowledge and examples of good and bad practice in the field of production and consumption, waste management and lifestyle, both on our website and facebook profile.

Negotiating with producers and supermarkets

At the same time, we try to influence manufacturers and retail chains to reduce environmental impact of their activities and approach them with our suggestions for change. We focus on the topics of unnecessarily large or completely meaningless packaging, sustainable livestock and crop production and landscape management.

Obalová výzva – Packaging challenge

This ongoing campaign focuses on waste prevention by working on reduction of excessive packaging. Packaging protects the product, but most of it becomes waste after use and ends up in landfills and incinerators. Manufacturers routinely pack their products in unnecessarily large packaging. Excessive packaging increases waste and the associated logistics has negative impacts on the environment.


Join our campaign!

In the campaign, we ask consumers for help with filling our database of excessively packed products, by sending us their photos. Our team then analyses the packaging and call on the manufacturers to reduce their packaging in order to fulfil the law and prevent excessive waste.

You can participate too by sending us pictures of a packaging that drives you crazy:

Thank you!